Meet the Executive Board

President: Naglaa Rashwan 

My name is Naglaa Rashwan, I am originally from Egypt. I immigrated to the United States ten years ago. I was trained in Egypt as a Psychiatrist, but my passion in life was to work internationally as a humanitarian. Before moving the US in 2010, I spent two years working as the Regional Advisor for Psychosocial Support Programs in the Middle East and North Africa, International Federation of Red Cross Red Cresent Societies (IFRC), it was my dream job that came true. Now, I am a second year, master’s student in Public Health Education. I am also doing the Nonprofit Management Certificate. I was a Graduate Research Assistant, in the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness, UNCG. My professional career focus is Global Heath aiming at working internationally again.

I am a mom of three beautiful girls: Alia, Laila and Hana. Pilates and kick boxing classes are my favorite things to do. Those two activities give me the physical and emotional energy that keeps me going strong. I traveled to nearly 40 countries around the globe. I love knowing people from diverse backgrounds.

Naglaa Rashwan

Public Health, M.S. Student

Vice President: Lexi Hoopman

Welcome everyone! My name is Lexi Hoopman and I am the Vice President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Biology Department. I am originally from North Dakota (yes, people do live there), where I received a BS in Biology with minors in Psychology and Chemistry from North Dakota State University. My research interests led me here to investigate how honey bee hive treatments may be affecting their gut and reproductive health. Beyond the GSA, research and beekeeping, I also enjoy teaching bio labs, being Vice President of UNCG’s Beekeepers Club, advocating for science communication in our community, participating in lab and animal restoration projects and coordinating Greensboro Science Pub events. In my free time I love exploring the beautiful parks here in NC, visiting local breweries and traveling!

Lexi Hoopman

Biology, PhD Candidate

Treasurer: Mac Pierson

My name is Mackenzie (Mac) Pierson and I have been GSA Treasurer since April 2020. I am currently entering my 4th year as a PhD student, now PhD Candidate! I am originally from Iowa. I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Luther College (Decorah, IA) in Physical Education and played college basketball. I then earned a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I wanted to focus on Biomechanics and sports injuries, so I earned a second Master’s of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach in Long Beach, CA in Sports Medicine and injury Studies through the Kinesiology department. While there I also worked at the University of Southern California as a Lab Manager in the Human Performance Lab. This combination of experience and degrees brought me to UNCG to study Kinesiology in the Applied Neuromechanics Lab. I work as a TA/RA in the Kinesiology Department and have taught a number of activity courses to undergraduates. My research area is utilizing motor learning to aid injury reduction in the lower extremity and movement efficiency in athletes. I am so an Adjunct Lecturer at Salem College! I love to stay active by running, biking, lifting and exploring NC.

Mac Pierson, M.S., CSCS

Applied Neuromechanics, PhD Candidate

Student Relations Chairperson: Bradley Wallace

My name is Bradley Wallace, and I am a second year student in the Master of Public Affairs program with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. I was elected to this position in July of 2020! I am a North Carolina native; I was born in Fayetteville, then moved to Greensboro to attend UNCG for Sociology and Political Science. After graduating in 2015, I started working and volunteering with local nonprofit organizations before starting a new job with a large national organization. Being able to gain experience in a larger organization allowed me to identify the areas I want to work in, which lead me to my goal of starting my own nonprofit in the coming years. In my free time I enjoy photography, playing guitar, hiking and spending time with my pets. 

Bradley Wallace

Public Affairs, M.S. Student