Constitution & Bylaws

Revised: October 11, 2017

1. Name
The name of this organization is the Graduate Student Association of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

2. Mission
The purpose of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is to represent the interests of graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, advocating for their concerns, providing funding, and building community among graduate students.

3. Membership Requirements
All graduate students of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro are ipso facto members of the GSA. The GSA is open to all UNCG students who wish to participate regardless of age, race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity and expression, disability, socioeconomic status, or creed.

4. Executive Board Officers

The following officer positions will lead the Graduate Student Association:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Public Relations/Marketing Chairperson
4. Treasurer

5. Executive Board Officer Requirements
Any UNCG graduate student, who is enrolled in a minimum of 3 graduate credit hours, has a minimum 3.00 grade point average (GPA), and has maintained good standing will qualify for office. Additionally, students must have either served as a GSA Senator or have significant student government experience. This experience will be considered sufficient if approved by the current GSA Senate by a 2/3 vote and unanimously approved by the Executive Board. Terms will last for 12 months, beginning on April 1st and ending on March 31st of the following year. If a vacancy exists, then an election will be held to replace the vacant position(s) in the next meeting.

6. Duties of Officers/Executive Board

6.1 President
1. Shall be the official head of the organization
2. Shall attend weekly Student Government Association (SGA) meetings
3. Shall be an advocate for policy change at UNCG to better graduate students’ quality of life
4. Shall chair all Executive Board and Advisory Board meetings
5. Shall represent the organization at official campus functions
6. Shall serve as the formal liaison between the University administration and GSA
7. Shall create ad hoc committees as the need arises
8. Shall meet with the SGA President and Vice President once a month to discuss graduate student concerns
9. Shall meet weekly with organization advisor
10. Shall meet with both the Graduate School advisor and student affairs representative
11. Shall meet monthly with the Vice Provost of Graduate Education
12. Shall attend the Graduate Studies Committee and Faculty Senate meetings
13. Shall meet with the Executive Board on a bi-weekly basis and attend monthly GSA meetings
14. Shall assume other duties as is necessary

6.2 Vice President
1. Serves as President Pro Tempore in the absence of the President
2. Shall Chair Programming Committee
3. Shall keep the Constitution, Bylaws, meeting rules current
4. Shall oversee all policies concerning GSA policies/procedures
5. Shall reserve meeting and program space
6. Shall appoint GSA representatives to the various committees with which the GSA has the ability to appoint a member
7. Shall attend any committee that does not have an appointed representative
8. Shall complete all paperwork and requirements necessary to maintain affiliation with UNCG
9. Shall meet with the Executive Board on a bi-weekly basis and attend monthly GSA meetings
10. Shall assume other duties as is necessary

6.3 Public Relations/Marketing Chairperson
1. Shall solicit the appointment of the GSA senators from the various Directors of Graduate Study
2. Shall chair Student Engagement Committee
3. Shall publicize all activities of the GSA
4. Shall maintain the GSA website and social media pages
5. Shall maintain GSA records and office space
6. Shall keep records of attendance and voting
7. Shall take minutes of all Executive Board and general assembly meetings
8. Shall meet with the Executive Board on a bi-weekly basis and attend monthly GSA meetings
9. Shall assume other duties as is necessary

6.4. Treasurer
1. Shall help graduate students process all funding applications
2. Shall chair Finance Committee
3. Shall maintain financial records
4. Shall report funding allocation updates to GSA exec board and senators
5. Shall meet with the Executive Board on a bi-weekly basis and attend monthly GSA meetings
6. Shall assume other duties as is necessary

7. Duties of GSA Senate

7.1 Senate
1. Shall be composed of 2 graduate senators from each department within UNCG
2. Shall be either elected by their departmental peers or appointed by the Director of Graduate Study of their respective department
3. Shall give advice to the Executive Board on all matters
4. Shall inform the Executive Board on the needs and concerns of the graduate student population at UNCG
5. Shall represent the best interests of the departments’ students when voting on procedure changes to the GSA
6. Shall propose amendments to the GSA Constitution as needed
7. Shall elect the GSA Executive Board during the March meeting of the GSA

7.2 Duties and Composition of GSA Committees
All special and/or ad-hoc committees shall be formed upon request of any member of GSA that is approved by a majority vote of the GSA, or by recommendation of the President that is approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The individual initiating the request for formation of the committee shall describe the purpose, intent, and scope of the committee. The Vice President shall appoint Senators to the standing committees.
The following are the standing committees of GSA:
A) Programming Committee
B) Student Engagement Committee
C) Finance Committee

At each meeting of the Senate, each committee will be required to inform the Senate of its activities. This shall be the responsibility of either the Chair, or a committee member designated by the Chair.

7.3 Programming Committee
The GSA Vice President will serve as the chair of the Programming Committee. The committee:
1. Shall consist of 3-5 GSA senators
2. Shall be chaired by the Vice President
3. Shall create events for all graduate students to attend
4. Shall coordinate graduate student calendar with the Graduate School
5. Shall create events intended for GSA senators to get to know each other

7.4 Student Engagement Committee
Public Relations/Marketing Chairperson will serve as the chair of the Student Engagement Committee. Student Engagement Committee:
1. Shall consist of 3-5 GSA senators
2. Shall be chaired by an elected Senator
3. Shall focus on the following areas:
A) Healthcare and insurance
B) Graduate student compensation and funding
C) Parking, transportation, and housing
D) All other areas in which the Chair and the President agree the committee should focus.
E) Online student representation and involvement
F) Finding suitable meeting times for all students involved

7.5 Finance Committee
The GSA Treasurer will serve as the chair of the Finance Committee. The GSA Finance Committee:
1. Shall consist of 3-5 GSA senators
2. Shall be chaired by the GSA Treasurer
3. Shall focus on the proper allocation and distribution of the budget
4. The budget will automatically be broken up into these percentages:
a. Professional Development Fund (PDF) 60%
b. Officer Salaries 20%
c. Research/Capstone Fund (RCF) 15%
d. Programming events 3%
e. Leadership Travel funding 2%

7.5.1 Finance Committee Rules
1. The PDF and RCF will be divided into two semesters so that the PDF will be broken up into 30% available in the Fall and 30% in the Spring semesters. The RCF will be broken up to 8% and 7%.
2. The fall semester funding will encompass funding events that occurred between July 1st of the previous summer to December 31st.
3. The spring semester funding will encompass funding events that occurred between January 1st and June 30th.
4. GSA funding will only be available to departments whose representatives attend the monthly GSA meetings. If neither graduate senator of a department attends GSA meetings, then the entire department’s constituency will be ineligible to secure GSA funds.
5. The GSA advisor can reinstate a department’s eligibility if the representatives can provide adequate reasoning for absence as determined by GSA advisor
6. All funds not used by March 31st will be immediately reallocated to the Professional Development Fund

8. Impeachment and Resignation
Any Executive Board Officer may be removed from office at a regularly scheduled GSA Senate meeting by a two-thirds vote of the Senators in attendance. Only a Senator can call for impeachment of an officer. Any officer so removed will be replaced as if they had resigned their position. Officers who are accused of failure to perform duties will have the opportunity to speak in front of the Executive Board and Senate to refute claims for impeachment. If an officer is removed by impeachment or resigns, an election shall be held by the following meeting.

9. Succession
If the President is impeached or resigns, the Vice President shall become the President. All other Executive Board Officer positions will be up for an immediate election if an officer is impeached or resigns.

10. General Elections
Elections will be held in the March meeting of the spring semester. Any student who qualifies for running for an Executive Board position may nominate themselves, or may be nominated by another student. All voting will occur electronically using UNCG’s voting system. A simple majority is required to be elected to any office. Elections and nominations will be discussed in the first meeting of the spring semester by the head officer. An unofficial transcript will be required to verify GPA before a student can run for office. Only the advisor to GSA will have access to the transcript.

11. Meetings
Meetings will be held once a month. The first meeting will always be held in September. Members will be notified of the meeting via electronic communication from the Public Relations/Marketing Chairperson. Group decisions will be made by a simple majority of the Senators. All senators of the group will be eligible to vote on all matters concerning the group. Quorum will be set as a simple majority of all Senators.

12. Amendments
Any member of the Senate may propose an amendment with a second from another member. The amendment can be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Senate who casts a vote.

13. Parliamentary Procedure
The officers will decide upon the procedures at the beginning of every term after an election and will be enforced by the Vice President.

14. Advisor
The advisor will be an ex officio member of the leadership and will advise on proper procedures. The advisor will be determined by the Dean of the Graduate School and will serve for at minimum 12 months.

15. Affiliation
The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is not affiliated with any organization outside of UNCG.