Delegates to University-Wide Committees 2021-2022

Faculty Senate Committees:

Non-Voting member of the Faculty Senate (2)
  1. Naglaa Rashwan,
  2. Alex Grindstaff,
Student Learning Enhancement Committee (1)
  1. Representative Needed
Academic Policies and Regulations Committee (1)
  1. Representative Needed
Intercollegiate Athletics (1)
  1. Claire Newman,
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Graduate Council Committees:

Graduate Council (2)
  1. Naglaa Rashwan,
  2. Kervins Clement,
Policy Committee
  1. Naglaa Rashwan,
Graduate Curriculum Committee
  1. Kervins Clement,
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Other University Committees with Graduate Student Representation: 

Student Government Association (SGA) Graduate Senators (2)
  1. Shira Snyder,
  2. Sonika Singhal,
Note: GSA is part of SGA at UNCG, find SGA information here
Sustainability Council (1)
  1. Megan Damico,
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