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UNCG Graduate School Guidelines

The UNCG Graduate School Guidelines for Best Practices….is in draft form and was distributed to GSA senators this spring for redistribution to the GSA general membership. When the draft has been finalized, the entire document will be posted. In the meantime, two of the goals (draft version) of the document follow. Please contact the GSA President for more details.

One goal of the document is to inform faculty of the behaviors and attitudes that the University community endorses and expects them to aspire to in their roles as advisors and mentors.  The document does not enumerate faculty requirements or responsibilities in these activities, however, because the effective implementation of best practices must be tailored to each individual situation.  It is designed, instead, to elicit reflection and discussion within the UNCG community that leads to improvement in the quality and effectiveness of faculty advising and mentorship.


A second goal is to provide graduate students with a realistic and balanced view of the behaviors and attitudes they should expect from a faculty advisor or mentor.  A careful reading of the document will reveal that there are often inherent trade-offs between individual elements of best practices, that different mixes of best practices need to be implemented for different students, and that advising and mentoring is only one of many claims on a faculty member’s scarce time and resources.  Graduate students should also learn that these best practices can only be effective when advisees and mentees are responsive and responsible in their own behaviors and attitudes towards their faculty counterparts.